Operation Potato Peeler - congregation responds to local needs

congregation responds to local needs

During the COVID 19 pandemic, life has changed for many people. This is how Sandra Kary, Executive Director at Friendship Inn describes it. “In the midst of the COVID-19 virus outbreak our community’s most vulnerable – who already live with very little – are experiencing a profound disruption as they try to meet their daily needs. … our vulnerable neighbours need (support systems) most, and our mission to offer free meals, care and compassion has never been more important.”

At Friendship Inn, volunteers spend a lot of time peeling potatoes and vegetables, preparing bagged lunches and serve meals in buffet lines. To follow proper protocols, guests are now served their meals seated at tables. The additional resources and safety protocols present a significant strain on the volunteers, and on finances. Some volunteers have needed to stay way during this time.

Mount Royal Mennonite Church has reached out to assist Friendship Inn in meeting some of their needs. A commercial automated Potato Peeler would provide significant assistance. The target amount for this fund-raising effort is $7,500.00. Any amount raised over the target amount will be designated to the purchase of a Commercial Food Processor and plumbing alterations to accommodate the Peeler. This will allow for further efficiencies in labour intensive food preparation.

Fund raising began with a significant donation from Mennonite Disaster Service. Others have made important contributions to this cause. The amounts change daily. Thank you for considering a Christmas donation for Operation Potato Peeler. You may donate through Mount Royal Mennonite Church here, or directly to Friendship Inn here

“Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you something to drink?” Matthew 25:37