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MC Sask 2021 ADS 
March 13, 2021
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Vision and

Who We Are:

Mennonite Church Saskatchewan is a community of 26 Mennonite congregations across Saskatchewan who have convenanted together to be Christ Centred and Sent as we support each other in ministry, to do things together which we cannot do alone, to be Church together throughout the province, and to connect to the larger Mennonite Church in Canada and around the world.

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We Believe in Community

From young to old, we believe all have something to contribute.

God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow as communities of grace, joy, and peace, so that God's healing and hope flow through us to the world.

- Vision Statement of the Mennonite Church 

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MC Sask is a body of churches covenanted together to be Christ Centred and Sent. We are large and small, rural and urban, old and young, but most importantly, we are a family of believers learning together what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Visit one of our churches today!

Coming Events

2021 MC Sask ADS

March 13th

The 2021 MC Sask Annual Delegate Sessions will be held virtually on Saturday, March 13.  We will ask the question: Where is God calling MC Sask? God is speaking to us here--in our neighborhoods, our small towns, our snow-covered fields. Our family of congregations is beginning a season seeking to hear what our God is saying: What is God inviting us into? How is God speaking hope, to us and all our neighbors, here were we live? 

MC Sask Virtual Youth Retreat

March 27th

MC Sask Virtual Youth Retreat – March 27

We are taking all the things we have loved about in-person retreats in the past (worship, games, speakers, hanging out, and maybe even coffee house!), and moving it all to an online platform with a one-of-a-kind virtual layout of Shekinah, where we can once again enjoy being together!

Anabaptist History & Thought Course

May 10th
Anabaptist History & Thought is a course offered by Horizon College & Seminary that provides an overview of Anabaptist history, spirituality, and thought. Study the early growth of Anabaptist movements and global developments, with a focus on the Mennonite Brethren tradition.

MC Sask News

Nationwide News

MCEC is hosting an Online Story-Telling Series called Treaty as Sacred Covenant.
Click on the image to see the stories that have been told thus far.
Walking the Path, an ad hoc group of MCSask's Ministries Commission, will facilitate a conversation
based on the documentary about the Colten Boushie/Gerald Stanley story.

 MCEC News

MCM News

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Youth Ministry

The youth ministry programming of MC Sask has two primary goals:

• Providing opportunities for youth to spend time together in a safe space, and
• Helping youth strengthen their faith and learn about the God who created and loves them.

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Level Ground Coffee Fundraiser

Through Level Ground Trading Co., funds are raised each year to help youth attend the two SMYO retreats, for large assemblies and trips, and scholarships. To date over $6,000 has been raised, and we are very grateful for this support!
Orders are welcome on an individual or congregational/corporate level.

We collect orders until we can complete a full order (usually in 1 or 2 weeks), and our order takes approximately 5 business days to arrive
Large orders may be shipped directly to you - contact the office for details. No stock is kept on hand.

Online ordering available here: Online Coffee orders

A printable order form is below. 

SMYO Coffee Order form

Contact the MC Sask office (  or 306-249-4844 ext 3) with any questions.

CommonWord is the national bookstore and resource centre
of Mennonite Church Canada and Canadian Mennonite University.
We serve the Mennonite and wider ecumenical church, the university community and the general public.
We hold the values of Anabaptism – community-building, peacemaking, and Christian discipleship
– and offer personal and congregational resources that inspire such faith.

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Our Office Team

Ryan Siemens

Executive Minister

Kirsten Hamm-Epp

Regional Minister

Josh Wallace

Church Engagement Minister

Marianne Siemens

Office & Financial Administrator

Mennonite Church Canada
Mennonite Church Canada is a covenanted partnership among:

MC Eastern Canada MC Manitoba MC Saskatchewan MC Alberta MC British Columbia

The overall mission of the partnership is the vision healing and hope statement:

God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ
and, by the power of the Holy Spirit,
to grow as communities
of grace, joy and peace
so that God's healing and hope
flow through us to the world.

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