Church Planting

In June 2020 a small group began to meet each week via Zoom. We share and pray and discuss scripture and dream. Pandemic has been a season for building core relationships for this experiment in church planting and for clarifying the particular shape of God’s invitation to the group. Alongside the budding house church, 2020 has also brought training through the New Leaf Design Shop and dreams for extending this conversation (via a portable workshop) as other MC Sask congregation dream and wonder about God’s future. 

A collection of MC Sask members took advantage of the New Leaf Network’s weekly virtual Learning Centre, joining in conversations about trying new things and new perspectives as congregations. Church Engagement Minister Josh Wallace took part in New Leaf’s Sacred Side Hustle conference on multivocational ministry. Josh has also welcomed congregations at a crossroads of exhaustion and possibility into a ReImagining Process, exploring how the story of a congregation might extend beyond waning energy or even closure.