Walking the Path

Walking the Path is a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous MC Sask members who meet regularly to dream the way forward through reconciliation. 

Identifying and protecting indigenous sacred sites is on Walking the Path’s agenda. As Aboriginal peoples worshiped, they frequently marked these holy places with rock formations. Over time, they lost touch with these sites. Farmers/ranchers became custodians of these holy locations, often destroyed as the land was broken.

How can we settlers honour and preserve these sites? Can we start with Mennonite Church people?

We connect with this agenda through Ancient Echoes at Herschel. We dream of creating a documentary video in the spirit of Reserve 107 using Ancient Echoes story as the vehicle to raise awareness and re-think the story of indigenous sacred sites and history.

We seek a respectful path forward with patience and sensitivity.

Walking the Path Events

Decolonizing Ourselves

May 30th

Decolonizing Ourselves:
Legislating Broken Promises,
Past and Present

Join us online to learn about the problematic Natural Resources Transfer Acts of 1930 and reflect on their significance today in the context of inherent Indigenous rights, Treaties, the Alberta Sovereignty Act and Saskatchewan First Act