In the use of these policies and bylaws, we strive to hold in tension the need for structure with the need for flexibility and room for the movement of the Holy Spirit, whose guidance we need most of all.

MC Sask Bylaws April 25, 2020

Articles of Incorporation



Communications Policy, 2015

 Equipping Day Policy, 2009

 Finance Policy, 2023

MC Sask Council Covenant 2021

 Nominations Committee Policy, 2009

 Records Management and Archives Policy, 2015

 Resolutions Policy, 2016

 Safe Church Policy, 2014

Special Projects Fund Policy, updated 2024

 Student Education Fund Scholarship Policy, 2023

 Temporary Marriage License Policy, 2017


In the event where MC Sask Policies are insufficient to address a specific situation, the policies of Mennonite Church Canada are to be used.