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International Witness

Following Jesus’ instruction to make disciples of all people, we go beyond our local congregations to form new communities of believers. God celebrates diversity and we look forward to many new forms of church to emerge. We join regional and local congregations to reach beyond ourselves into new regions. Together we commit to pray for, encourage and fund International Witness.


International Witness seeks to do the following:

  1. Support the emergence of new faith communities.
  2. Foster the vitality of existing faith communities.
  3. Equip leadership for these communities.
  4. Enrich disciple-making ministries.
  5. Support communication between congregations of the regional churches and the wider church, whether nationwide or global.
  6. Build mutually transformative relationships across political, ethnic and religious borders.

Indigenous-Settler Relations

Indigenous-Settler Relations helps Mennonite faith communities grow in our awareness of host peoples and nurture justice-based friendships.

Courageous conversation is a big part of this work. To foster deeper understanding and break down walls that keep us apart, we explore basic, but critical questions:
Do we know the host people in the particular lands in which we live?
What kinds of histories and present relationships do we have?
How do we respectfully connect?
What are the issues – ‘our’ issues – that keep us apart?
How can we learn from Indigenous strengths and walk in solidarity?

Mennonite Church Canada's Indigenous-Settler Relations program works to support interested congregations through prayerful dialogue, sharing of educational and financial resources, and collective action. We help connect constituent communities to indigenous and settler persons, teachers, theological and social justice organizations that can be of help, and who are interested in pursuing peace together.

Critical to this work is indigenous theological learning - theology not simply for native peoples, but for non-natives too. The Mennonite expression of Christian faith is beautiful and has incredible strengths, but it’s been deeply impacted by colonial thinking and practices. Together, we need to re-think aspects of settler Christianity to discover a gospel that is more faithful to both host people and this “home and native” land that we live in.

In all things, the hope of Indigenous-Settler Relations is reconciliation. Reconciliation is a huge word, easily used and abused by the Church. Yet through relationships of growing integrity, we hope to walk a little further towards this dream.

Our Camps

Camp, for many families, is a retreat from our busy lives.
Celebrating the beauty of God’s creation, our camps are simple places
where we build community, worship and approach God in new ways.


Camp Elim is inviting applications for the position of Executive Director, starting ASAP. This is a full time position, based at Camp Elim, 48 km south of Swift Current, SK on beautiful Lac Pelletier.

Click below for details.

Shekinah Retreat Centre

Shekinah Retreat Centre: Experience the presence and glory of God! 287 acres of God’s creation nestled in the North Saskatchewan River is a perfect place to slow down, unwind, and unplug--a  perfect place to hike, bike, canoe, cross-country ski and skate. Make the outdoors a place you connect with God.


Youth Farm Bible Camp

Youth Farm Bible Camp: a unique experience on a working farm! Kids, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities participate in a whole new “camp” experience! Our horsemanship program sets us apart from many other camp programs.

Women's Ministry 

In 2015 the Saskatchewan Women in Mission organization formally closed, and in 2019 Mennonite Women Canada formally closed, however, there is still a strong desire for women's ministry be an important part of the work of MC Sask. A representative position was established, and annual retreats are still coordinated, along with fundraising and missions efforts. See the directory available here for contact info, or contact a local congregation to join a women's group. Click below for the Opportunities for Giving form.

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Spirituality Resource Team

Spirituality Resource Team (SRT), a group of Contemplative Anabaptists,
are praying Christians who understand relationship
with Jesus Christ to be central in the life of the church.
Having been trained in various settings
the SRT members desire to share
what they have learned and practice of listening prayer
and the use of our holy imaginations in prayer.
We have already visited in a dozen or so
MC Sask churches and hosted Silent Retreats.

Claire Ewert Fisher

 tel. 306-291-9555

John Gascho

 tel. 306-222-4060

Eileen Klaassen

 tel. 306-850-5823

Melody Neufeld

 tel. 306-291-9710

Pauline Steinmann

 tel. 306-280-2107