Congregational Video & Audio Services

Aberdeen Mennonite Service audio available here

Carrot River Mennonite Service  videos available here

First Mennonite Church Service video available here

Grace Mennonite Regina Service video available here

Laird Mennonite Church Service on their Facebook page at 10:45am Sundays link here

Langham Mennonite Fellowship Sermon PDF available here

Mount Royal Mennonite Service livestream and video available here  

North Star Mennonite Sermon audio available  here

Nutana Park Mennonite Sermon PDFs available here

Osler Mennonite Church  live streams a service on Facebook - available here

Rosthern Mennonite Church  live streams a service on Facebook In order to watch it, one needs to be a friend on Facebook - request here

Warman Mennonite Church live streams a service on Facebook - available here

Wildwood Mennonite Church Sermon video and worship materials available here

Zion Mennonite Church Service audio recordings available here

MC Sask Shorts All MC Sask Shorts available for viewing here

Hanley Mennonite Church
Final Service

Zoar Mennonite Church
Final Service


Celebrating & Mourning
as 3 Congregations close their doors