MC Sask Virtual Youth Retreat

March 27thMC Sask Virtual Youth Retreat

 Dear Youth, Parents, Youth Sponsors, and Pastors;

This letter comes to you with much joy and excitement, introducing the first ever MC Sask Virtual Youth Retreat, to be held via Gather on March 27.

We are taking all the things we have loved about in-person retreats in the past (worship, games, speakers, hanging out, and maybe even coffee house!), and moving it all to an online platform where we can enjoy being together again!

The theme for the retreat is ‘Who’s Right/Wrong: Fact, Friction, and Friendship’, with guest speaker Tracey Mitchell. Tracey is a facilitator of “creative and courageous conversations” and will spend two short sessions helping us learn how to navigate places where there are not easy answers, and where we disagree with people we care about. We are excited to have Tracey speak into this very timely topic, and also to have her leave us with tools and resources to help continue the conversation after the retreat as well.  

A few additional details to take note of:

  • Please make special note of the ‘Online Code of Conduct,’ which is part of registration, and make sure to go over it with your youth, as a group or individually, ahead of time.
  • If you have youth in gr. 6-8 who would be able to interact well online and engage with the topic, please let me know, and we can talk about extending the grade minimum ( 8).
  • Because our platform allows us to have small group discussion and hangout times, sponsors will still have an important role to play during the retreat, as well as helping relay important information ahead of time. Let me know ASAP if your youth will need to be paired with another group.


We hope this retreat will be just the first step of once again bringing our youth together and reminding all of us of the larger church family we are part of. Questions/information/registration, visit, or contact Kirsten (information below).


Take Care,

 Kirsten Hamm-Epp, Regional Church Minister, MC Sask


MC Sask Youth Retreat, Online Code of Conduct

When you register for the MC Sask Youth Retreat, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Join in a quiet space, using headphones, if possible
  • Fully participate with both video and audio as much as internet capability allows
  • Do not use green screens or other background apps
  • Attend all sessions and activity times
  • Be yourself; but remember, your behaviour should show respect to everyone around you
  • No improper use of technology, including use of other devices, websites, or apps during the retreat
  • Offer the grace and love of Jesus to one another as best as we can in an online setting

Tentative Schedule

Saturday, March 27                   

1:30pm     Get online

2:00pm     Introductions & Worship

3:00pm     Talking with Tracey, Part A

4:30pm     Games/Free Time

5:00pm     Supper Break (at home)

6:00pm     Worship

7:00pm     Talking with Tracey, Part B

8:30pm     Games/Free Time

9:30pm     Coffeehouse

11:00pm  ‘Official’ Closing

11:59pm  The End.

Thanks for Coming!