Murray Logan

My name is Murray Logan. I am 71 years of age, live in Regina and am retired from the work force. By this I mean I am no longer paid a wage in any gainfully employed capacity. 

By being gainfully employed I would include pastoring for which I attended two different seminaries. I attended St. Andrews United church College in Saskatoon and Canadian Theological Seminary in Regina from where I obtained a Master's of Divinity. I became a Christian 43 years ago. 

Before I went into ministry I tried a number of vocations and jobs. I worked for a Trust Company as an office clerk. I worked as a psychiatric aide in England, a factory worker, a letter carrier for Canada Post, a CBC announcer, (3 weeks in Whitehorse) a house painter, a pizza delivery man, an aide with mentally challenged children and adults, and played in rock'n'roll bands. 

After seminary I was an interim pastor at two churches, a chaplain at the Regina Correctional Centre and part-time hospital chaplain. I also hold 3 units of Clinical Pastoral Education from Calgary Foothills Hospital, Saskatoon Correctional Centre, and Regina General Hospital. 

I met my wife Dolores Fehr in Saskatoon. We have been married 36 years. She is a Family Physician. We have 5 children all grown, and 2 grandchildren. We have gone on several short-term mission assignments to Guatemala, Thailand, Macau, and Haiti. 

I provide pulpit supply and guest speaking to a variety of churches and preside over weddings. 

I enjoy song writing, poetry writing, story writing, kayaking, playing the drums and accordion and adventure travel.

My hope is to be a conduit of faith and love of Jesus Christ, to enliven the lives of people, to be blessed and be a blessing.