Response to anti-Muslim attack

From: Mennonite Church Saskatchewan

To: Imam Ilyas Sidyot and the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

In the wake of Sunday’s hate-driven attack on the Afzaal family in London, Ontario, the congregations of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan wish to express our deep sorrow and pain and to extend our love to the wider Muslim community of Canada, particularly in Saskatchewan. We seek to share your grief and stand in solidarity in dismantling anti-Muslim prejudice and violence.

Be assured of our continuing prayers and action for your comfort and security as our society seeks to respond to this horrific act.

As members of two faith traditions, born out of a shared Abrahamic inheritance, we stand with you, looking, and crying to the most-merciful God.

Peace be with you,


Ryan Siemens,  Minister

on behalf of Mennonite Church Saskatchewan