MC Canada Gathering 2022 Highlights

We Declare: What We Have Seen and Heard

We will declare:
what we have heard, 
what we have seen with our eyes, 
what we have touched with our hands. 

We will declare the Word of Life:
so that we might have fellowship with one another
so that we might have fellowship with God and with Jesus Christ 
so that our joy may be complete

We will declare the eternal Word of Life.

Based on 1 John 1:1-4


John Boopalan - "What is the Gospel?"

The gospel is good news that connects us to all humanity. It invites us into communities of belonging in which bodies depend on each other. The gospel invites us to turn and move towards places of suffering. The gospel mends and heals through enfleshment and accompaniment. We do the accompaniment. God does the healing. The gospel empowers the ordinary; it is in and through an empowerment of the ordinary that the gospel takes life.



Cheryl Bear – “Where on Earth do we go from here?”

“The Psalms are proof that God allowed us to be human," said Cheryl Bear. “We are allowed to have real, honest gut reactions to injustice.” Cheryl reflected honestly about how to take next steps together as a church in reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. She recalled how the sound of the river outside her grandfather's home had changed from a calming and happy sound. She still finds the sound reassuring but also hears sounds of pain from the knowledge of how the river had been forced to move from it's original course.


Doug Klassen – “Losing and finding”

"The spiritual path is a journey of losing and finding. How I yearn for us in Mennonite Church Canada to get to a place where our collective life isn't fueled by our doctrines, confessions or covenants. I deeply yearn for us to be fueled by the seeing, the hearing, the touching, and the gazing upon. Instead of reading about Jesus, and praying to Jesus way off somewhere, we must recover a way of seeing and hearing Jesus who is still very much alive and present in his church."


Kara Carter – "Stumbling Blocks and Burning Bushes: Transformed and Transforming"

“There is no 1-800 wilderness crisis line!” said Kara Carter. Reflecting of our wilderness wandering as a people of God, Kara encouraged us on a journey as those sent by Jesus. “The old tools we have used for 100s of years won’t be needed for where we are going,” she said. “Risky, radical, inclusive hospitality leads to mutual transformation."  Her homework assignment: When you go home, extend hospitality to one of your neighbours.


Geraldine Balzer Elected as Moderator

Geraldine Balzer is elected as moderator of Mennonite Church Canada. Geraldine has deep roots in the Mennonite Church and cannot remember a time when the life of the church did not play a significant role in her world. She is currently a member of Nutana Park Mennonite Church in Saskatoon. Geraldine brings a deep commitment to the church and offers her gifts and skills in governance and strategic planning to the ongoing work of Mennonite Church Canada, envisioning a nationwide organization that supports the work of a diverse group of congregations who have covenanted locally, regionally and nationwide to work together, embracing cultural, linguistic, ethnic and theological diversity. She currently works as a professor of education at the University of Saskatchewan.


About those Fish: A Short Film

A video resource of a dramatization based on the story of Peter by the sea, from Luke 5:1-11. Discover how Peter listened for God’s voice and witnessed echoes of God’s work as justice, relationships, spirituality and beauty flourish. This drama is written by Arlyn Friesen-Epp, with Arlyn and his wife Judith being the main actors. Free for use in your congregation.

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