MC Sask Council announces a new Special Project Fund

MC Sask Council is pleased to announce
the creation a new Special Projects Fund 

When reviewing current finances, Council determined that MC Sask’s current reserves held a significant surplus, and that the funds could be put to better use by congregations and related organizations. Tim Wiens, MC Sask Finance Chair, states “Previous Councils had set aside specified donations and bequests to be used as a reserve fund. We determined that these dollars had grown to a level where some could be best used now, rather than waiting for a time in the future. We will still have a reserve fund that would cover potential shut down costs and budget shortfalls.”

These funds can provide opportunities both within MC Sask and to other related organizations. The special projects would be one-time endeavors designed to build organizational capacity, or seed money for new programs. All MC Sask programs and related organizations are encouraged to apply. The next submission deadline is February 1. 2024.

Interim Moderator, Sharon Schultz adds “There may be new ideas from our related organizations that need co-funding to be implemented. Budgets are tight with many organizations and if we can provide some financing to help get these new projects started, we are please to offer assistance. Projects of a capital construction are eligible. Projects which make the organization better by providing professional development for staff, new marketing initiatives, or improved governance will also be considered.”

The entire policy and application process can be found at For additional information, contact Tim Wiens at