Jan 3 MC Sask InCERT

Following the dramatic climate events of 2023 and the inadequate outcomes from COP28, we’d like to offer this positive contribution to the conversation from Dr Katherine Hayhoe, atmospheric physicist, climate communicator, active Christian and wife of an evangelical pastor.  It’s part of a longer webinar put out by a coalition of Catholic groups just before the COP, posted here, and the other speakers also have useful things to say, but if your time is limited then go straight to Dr Hayhoe’s presentation (9:42 to 25:08).  Dr Hayhoe sets out the nature of the crisis clearly, but is also clear about what needs to be done and excited about the developments that give us the opportunity to bend the curve.  As she says, “climate solutions are solutions for everyone”.

For more from Dr Hayhoe, check out her book, Saving Us, available from CommonWord or from local Saskatoon bookstore Turning the Tide.