Climate Emergency Response Team (CERT)

In the last few years we have seen steadily increasing evidence of the climate crisis, both close to home and across the world - droughts, floods, heatwaves, sea level rise, melting icecaps.  The things that scientists have been predicting for the last several decades is coming true - and often more quickly than they expected. This raises big challenges (but also opportunities) for us as a church - for our theology, for our relationship both with God and with the rest of God's creation, for our action.

MCSask's Climate Emergency Response Team has been set up to help us develop together the resources - spiritual, intellectual, physical, logistical - that we need to address this crisis with integrity in a Jesus-centred way.  We have identified 6 areas to pursue: prayer and worship, education, local emissions reduction, advocacy, emotional awareness, and having the sometimes difficult conversations that are needed for everyone to be able to work together.

We will be offering specific resources and activity suggestions to the churches, but we also welcome the opportunity to meet with congregations and with church leadership.  The deeper the conversations, and the wider the range of people involved, the better.


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